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Related post: Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 09:13:07 EDT From: Subject: OSKAR AND TOMMYWARNING: This story is homoerotic in content. This means that it may and probably will involve male on male sex of various ages. If this sort of thing offends you then what the hell are you doing reading Nifty/Gay. Also note that my characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are FICTIONAL. You must be above the Age of Consent in your particular area of the planet to read this sort of stuff and you should NEVER allow minors access but you knew that anyway.These are stories of youth and boys and once again they are FICTIONAL. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is PURELY COINCIDENTAL.Another point: I like to write on behalf of the boys but you must realise if they sound a bit smartarse and over world weary at times that is me coming through. If they sound as thick as a plank... that's them.Finally: Enjoy. If preteen underage sites you have spare please donate a little cash to NIFTY. Keep NIFTY free and keep NIFTY alive. OSKAR AND TOMMYbyG. Cutter Another long and sunny day, perfect holiday weather and here I was in my back garden getting sunburned. Mum and day were away for most of the day and I was alone with my pal Tommy who was also thirteen. Just for the record we lived on the outskirts of Regensburg which is in Bavaria, in South East Germany to save you searching an atlas. He spent a lot of time around my place and that was mainly down to the above ground pool my dad had put in last year. Well, he was my bestest mate as well but the pool was a draw.'I'm cooking. I'm getting burnt, Tommy.' I leant on the edge of the pool which was up by my chest and looked at his naked body as he bobbed up and down a preteen pussy hurt little on an air filled crocodile of all things.'So, sit in the shade,' he paddled idly with his hands and moved a little. I eyed his willy, it was bigger than mine and it seemed to be getting bigger each and every day. Mind you mine had grown over the last year and I should stop calling it a willy and call it a dick or a cock, maybe even a penis, it sounded more adult. Thirteen must have been the age for things to happen, his black pubics were now clearly visible but he was darker haired than I was and that was fine. I dye my hair blonde now and then for a laugh but it's it's naturally middling brown, the few pubes I had were very dark but they were barely visible. My willy, or dick was as long as his though if not as fat and I felt a twinge as I looked at him, the hormones were kicking in again.I should have mentioned that although we were the best of mates we were totally unalike, I was Germanic or Nordic preteen nude virgine if you like, regular Hitler Youth (don't complain, it's only a description), whereas Tommy was slightly Slavic with his darker skin and squinty eyes. I shouldn't say that and I wouldn't to his face but he did look like he had a bit if the Golden Horde in his genes. That's genes, not jeans. A Golden Horde in the shorts, now there's a thought.We'd both and with pals done filming in this very garden on the naturist style, playing around with my old motor cycle which I'll get to ride one fine day, making mud pies, anything that my dad fancied. He and this other guy sold them to a Russian company that did naturist films and earned some money which came in handy for the ongoing reconstruction in the garden. Other friends had taken part in these things and they were very much on the up and up, no naughty stuff like some of those Russian kids do. Dad had been trying to get us both a trip to Crimea or out of the country for further work but it hadn't happened as yet.Jesus, I was hot and feeling something, I don't know what it was but I must admit I felt like having a good wank, a hobby I'd picked up over the last year. I wondered if Tommy did the same, I suppose so, he was a boy after all. The thing was that I had a crush on Tommy. I know boys get crushes on other boys it's in the Sex-Ed books and girls get the same problem but this was a little more, I actually wanked over preteens girlies mental images of Tommy, now is that sick or not? Shit, I was popping a stiffy, I clambered into the pool with my back preteen gays model to Tommy and slipped into the coolness which should deflate it. Mind you I'd known Tommy for yonks, he'd been a neighbour for four years at least and when we were ten years old black boy preteen we ran around with hardon's all the time but times were certainly changing. I had the urge to see Tommy with a nice big outdoor preteen nymphet stiffy on just out of curiosity you understand.I swam over and tipped him off the croc and he came up spluttering and we wrestled yelling at each other. I felt him cling to my back and his soft dick pressed against my soft bottom, I swore I felt a twitch but it may have been my imagination.'It is hot,' he looked at me with a grin. 'Got any cold drinks?''Yeah. Let's sit in the kitchen for a bit.'We got from the pool and naked and dripping water wandered into the kitchen and I dug out a couple of chilled cans from the fridge.'Damn hot out there,' Tommy stretched his legs out and casually fluffed his sparse pubics quite unconciously. 'I'm wrinkling up like a prune.''Look alright to me,' I grinned probably looking a bit too obviously at his limp dick which didn't look either wrinkled or shrunken, it was a fair size for a runt, he was shorter than me I should have said earlier but was larger than me in the soft cock department.'Yeah,' he blushed, perhaps he thought I was coming onto him and then it struck me. Why not, let's see how far we could go. We were the best of mates and we'd never actually done anything together, anything personal or dirty if you want to call it that.'Wanna go upstairs for a lie down or we can watch a vid or a computer CD,' I suggested hesitantly. 'Mum and dad won't be back until around six to do dinner.''Yeah, I suppose,' he shrugged.'Come on then,' I led the way still naked and that wasn't all nude preteens that unusual in our house with the photography business we were involved in. It was a lot cooler in my room and we both flopped onto the long sofa which doubled up as a bed sometimes. I had a bed in the room but I was being cautious, I was scheming and I was getting a little thickening again. This wouldn't do, I stuck the little porno in the video, that should get the ball rolling, I had some Rusian computer CDs as well but they would keep.'What's this?' Tommy stretched out and smiled. 'A surprise.''Some Jap kids, a fourteen year old boy and girl.''Wow, hot,' he shuddered in anticipation and once again fiddled with his meat, he seemed to do it without noticing. 'Good looking or woof woofs.''Yeah, they're alright, both the boy and the girl.' I awaited a reaction but none came.'Dirty bugger,' he chortled as it opened with a Japanese boy wanking and looking at a magazine.'Don't tell me you don't,' I scoffed.'Not in front of preteen models picture a camera,' he laughed. The young boy actor looked surprised as this quite attractive girl appeared wrapped in a towel and he pulled her quite willingly onto the bed and they were off.I watched the film and watched Tommy, I was now filling and out and getting harder but this was all part of the plan, I kept looking at him and could see that he was also gradually getting fully aroused as I was. I grasped my dick and seconds later he followed my example. By the time the kid got to shagging we were both fully petite preteen underage hard and it was time to be bold. I moved in a little, quite a bit in fact so that I was virtually sitting right alongside him and I could study his hardness at close range. The bastard was bigger than I was and it was so meaty, he was slowly running his foreskin over the head virgin teens preteens and a very shiny head it was too. Beautiful. I lost it completely.'Let's feel it,' I heard myself croak and reached out half expecting outrage but he just removed his hand and folded his arms on his chest.'Nice.' Just the one word. 'Do you mind,' he muttered and I saw his hand reach down and grasp me squeezing and manipulating my now fully stiff penis. 'First time for everything,' he mumbled and preteen digest ls glancing sideways I could see that his face had darkened in a blush.'Our little secret,' I giggled nervously as his hand started to move up and down, I nude preteen nymphos reciprocated, of course I preteen rimjob stories did. God, he had a lovely dick, warm, hard and the dark skinned outer slid quite easily up and down the hard inner core.The problem was that the film wasn't a long one and as we lazily wanked each other it finished leaving us unsatisfied. We were both hot and horny, we were both unsatisfied and as I saw him glance at me I realised it was now or never.'It's finished,' he whispered.'We aren't,' I stood and held my hand down to him and he took it. I gently drew him over to the proper bed, my bed and we lay out on it in the middle of it side by side again but this time I was gaining confidence I turned to face him and put my hand back onto his hot cock, after a moment he turned inwards and grasped mine. 'I never thought we'd do this together.' I moved in so that our hard dicks were together and with a grin he put both hands around our combined preteen punished panties shafts.'It's a bit gay,' he muttered but he was trembling and I had the funny idea he could get up and flee clips japanese preteens the room at any moment but he didn't.'No,' I looked at him across the short distance that seperated us and looked him directly in the eyes. 'This is gay.' I must admit I was taking my life in my hands but you know when you get that feeling, that special feeling... it was on me now, this was the time and the place. I kissed him awkwardly on the lips and he looked at me in shocked horror with his eyes wide and then slowly smiled as I kissed him again. This time his lips met mine and his hand went into the small of my back pulling me in tighter until our dicks mashed between us. His hand slipped down onto one buttock and he ground us together.'How far do you want to go?' He grinned and rubbed himself against me sensually moving our dicks young porn preteens together, one of his legs moved up and across mine and we moved in even tighter if this preteens sexy nudes was possible.'You're on a sleepover tonight.''I know,' he nude topless preteens flashed his teeth.'All the way then.''Good,' he looked at me and this time he kissed me and I felt his tongue probing at my teeth, I opened up to admit his flickering tongue into my mouth. God, it was so wonderful, all the wants hot preteens info I'd kept buried in the back of my mind exploded and I returned his kiss forcing him back onto the bed and laying on top of his warm body dry humping against his stiffness.'Do you want me to sammi jo preteen do something dirty, really, really dirty... I saw it in one of those Russian pornos?''Anything you do for me, I'll do for you, Oskar.''Lay back, relax and enjoy,' I whispered and kissed his soft throat and his warmly dry skin. It was like satin as I drifted my lips across his upper chest and sucked on his dark brown nipples in turn until they stuck up like little currents tortured preteen porn or raisins, then down onto his flat sternum savouring his smoothness and yes, his nervousness as I moved lower still. I held his erection firmly and dribbled into his navel and then sucked and lapped the spittle clear grinning as I felt his cock jerk and his breathing get heavier. He had to know what I was going to do and I wasn't going to disappoint him.Holding his solid chunk upright I peeled the remaining foreskin clear and licked across the tip of his purple hued knob. He spasmed and moaned but I licked around the rounded rim and then just took the glans into my mouth salivating and sucking on his tasty cockhead.'Oskar, you darling,' he groaned and tried to pump into my mouth but I wasn't finished yet, I reached under him and clasping his tight little buttocks begain to move my head moving my lips up and down his shaft until I had him preteens nude rusians in right into the back of my throat. I'd heard of deepthroating and this was latin preteen sexy my first attempt, my first attempt at anything in fact and once I got rid of the gag feeling in the back of my throat I was alright. I loved the feel of his jellylike bottom. I wanted it, I wanted to shag but I wasn't going to spring that on him yet. preteen girl kiss Of course, I wanted his big cock in me as well but I was a bit nervous. It's one thing to shove yourself into someone's hole but quite another elwebbs nymphets preteens to have them do it to you. I preteen sex pic was beginning to realise that I'd been attracted to Tommy for some preteen videos gallery time now and the aim today was to push as far ahead as possible. If the thing turned sour or into a disaster or even a fiasco I'd have today to remember but I had that feeling that it was going to work out fine.Hey up, problems? He shrugged me free then he just mumbled something about it being his turn and dragged me up the bed and flattened me. He crushed his preteen voyeur beach lips to mine and started copying me in every respect. I lay there and stroked his short hair as his head fotos preteen bbs travelled down my body, would he or wouldn't he. He did. I nearly passed out as his hot breath fanned my raging hardon and then he took it into his mouth. The sensation was unbelievable as his wet suction enveloped me and I felt his lips press onto my shaft and begin to move up and down. My Tommy was sucking me off, he was blowing me and I never did understand that phrase but never mind. His hands had also gone under me preteen lols and he had each buttock in a firm grip and he was pigging out on the clasping and squeezing.I had to do it, I'd seen it enough on dodgy films and I wanted to try it at the very least. I shuffled around on the bed handling his smooth and warm body all the way until I was in place. Grasping his jerking cock I brought it to my mouth and we were in a sixty nine. Not bad for half an hour, a mutual wank, a blow and now the natural consequence, a double blow... a sixty nine. I think it was then that we both let go, we went at it like a couple of little piglets on a sow's teats but these teats were a bit bigger than what you see on a mummy pig. These were the four to five inch variety and very hard and hopefully very juicy.One thing Tommy was ahead of me on and that was the rear attack, his hands kept spreading my cheeks and I felt his finger on my hole, the chance was too good to miss.'Put some spit on it,' I gobbled and opened my legs wider.A moment later I felt his slippery forefinger push against me and my ring yielded. God, it felt so wierd, my mate;'s finger pushing and finally opening me up and then inside me making little fucking movements as I mated with his mouth. He probed deeper and hit a spot... the spot. I felt like a jolt of electicity had hit me and then a pleasant warmth took over. I was so hard and my nuts were so tight, he must have known what was going to happen but I gave a strangled groan around his cock and literally exploded.'Gaaargh,' he spluttered and gulped. My dick had suddenly gone off, it had a life of it's own and just seemed nonude preteen thongs to spurt and spurt as I held his head lightly. He wasn't moving though, he stayed glued to me drinking me down and sucking away like a baby on a bottle as I voided my load into his hot and demanding mouth. I redoubled my efforts on his slippery and now totally rigid meat, he'd taken me and now it was my turn. He was rubbing his face into my slippery groin and banned preteen handjob I felt his finger ram into me deep and hard and then it happened.My mouth was suddenly full of his sweet and slippery slime, his cock throbbed and my tongue was bathed by his sweet spunk as he blasted away. I choked and swallowed and then it stopped and I rolled his cum around in my mouth and around his slick glans until he finally slipped free.'Jesus...' I gasped and pushed back onto his finger still deep inside my bottom.'That was something else, tight arse,' he grinned slowly withdrawing his finger. 'Gotta try something really slippery next time.''Yeah, something bigger,' I smiled at him. 'Something fatter,' I grasped his softening penis as we preteen girlz nude moved around the bed to face each other and kiss once more. It was done and there was no going back now. We'd done the ultimate but there were other things and we did have the night together after all. I was determined that tonight was going to be the night if you grasp my meaning. Tonight we would do it, tonight we would make love properly for the very first time, tonight we would fuck.'You know what I'd like to do...?''Yeah,' he laughed.'No. first I mean.''What?' He looked at me curiously.'Do the suck solo preteen sex links sorta thing. I do you and then you do me.''Sounds good. Now?''Gimme a break,' I banned preteen cunt laughed. 'Later.''Now nude preteen animation I'll tell you what I want to do,' he looked at me.Right, he'd fed me the line and I knew exactly what he was going to say believe me. 'What?' I tried to look innocent.'I wanna fuck you,' he mumbled avoiding my eyes.'Sounds good,' I looked him in they eyes. 'But it's a two way street, baby,'That was it, we were in each other's arms in a close embrace and this time the kissing and the tongue tango really took off. I never realised how exausting French kissing was, quite breathtaking. Anyway, after the expended effort and our little voyage of discovery we were pretty well worn out and sex russia preteen preteen incest gallery we dozed off in the shaded room each thinking and fitfully dreaming of things to come or, maybe cum.I awoke and the house was still silent, Tommy was laying on his side and breathing regularly, he was out for the count. I moved in pressing against his soft bottom and peered over his shoulder. It was three o'clock on a sunny day, we had the house to ourselves for another three hours and I was getting hard again. Un-bloody-believable. I felt the familiar heat, the itch and then the hardening. As I cuddled upto his warm body I felt my erection solidify and move jerkily upwards to nestle at the base of his soft bottom, another two inches and I'd be in his body but it wasn't to be that easy.'Mmmmph,' he shuddered and rolled onto his back squashing me in the process. 'Dirty sod,' he grinned and turned again to face me, I was delighted to see that he was half hard, turgid I suppose is the correct term, fully fleshed out and warm in my hand as I grasped it. 'You've got the touch,' he whispered and moved in a little doing his duty and taking me into his hand. 'Love your dick.' Well, that was blunt.Did we have it in us? I did a swift calculation and came up with the fact that we'd probably dozed for two hours at a minimum. I didn't know if it was long enough but there was only one way to find out. I nudged him over onto his back and without any messing around grabbed his now fully hard member and took it into my mouth. As I glanced up his flat belly he gave me a little smirk, lay back and closed his eyes gently resting his hands on my head.There was no rush with this one and I felt quite safe with him laying there with his eyes closed. It made it alright somehow, what the eyes can't see the heart can't archive preteen sex grieve over sorta hardcore cp preteen thing. I hoiked myself up the bed a bit and started. I concentrated on his soft spongey glans at first although I also wanked him slowly just preteens young with one hand and massaged his nuts with the other, he just lay there in complete silence stroking my hair and occasionally fingering my ears. As soon as I tasted the vague taste of cum I started to sink myself lower and lower until I was taking his sli[ppery glans right into the back of my throat and yoyo preteen model he was starting to prod upwards.'Yeah, yeah,' he moaned and he was rockhard free preteen hentia and whoopee, his nuts seemed to be tightening up, he had 'it' in him, I was in for my second tasting of Tommy for the day and desi preteens thinking ahead I was twitching myself dreaming of what the night would bring. 'Ah, Jesus, Oskar,' he grabbed my head and started to fuck upwards. He was going at it for real this time and I had to pull my head away before he choked me. 'Ah, Oskar...' He gave one cindy preteen model final push and I actually saw his pee slit open and a squirt of pure nonnude preteen free white cream shoot out and hit me on the lips. I immediately sank my mouth over his preteen fuck download cock head but that was it. One nice squirt and then a copious oozing. my mate Tommy was done once more.'Yummy,' I slipped up alongside and kissed transferring his spunk from my lips to his.'Yeauchy,' he giggled and crushed me in his arms. 'My dick's sore,' he muutered plaintively'Baby,' I grinned and lay on my back, would he take the hint? He did.He started by moving in close and fashion magazin preteen I felt his soft sex on my thigh and then his lips and teeth on my nipple. This was a new one, I winced as he nipped and worried at my teat and amazingly it hardened up like a girl's is supposed to do, he giggled and moved across to the other and repeated the treatment. As he moved down my belly I removed my hands from his hair and played with my tits. I was fascinated with the hard little nubs, so weird but the action had started, he jiggled my scrotum and held my dicky upright sinking his mouth over it in one. No preamble, straight into the sucky sucky. I lay back and sighed, this was the way to spend the afternoon, I grumbled as he lifted one leg and I felt him fumble for my ring. Still busy sucking he managed to work one finger inside my sweaty hole and he was off. He did love finger fucking and I liked it too especially when he hit the spot.'Aah, aah,' I jerked and opened my legs giving him better access as he moved around and crouched above me sucking and ramming his finger in deep stroking that buzz spot. He was inches away from fucking me but he wasn't getting it that easy, I held his head down as he sucked, no way was he mounting me as if he had the wherewithall. No chance, he'd shot his bolt for the next couple of hours but I hadn't, I started to moan and groan and fuck up into his hot wetness.'Go on, go on,' he encouraged me gobbling around my spit slicked hardness. His finger had left me and now he grasped each buttock in his hands as ducked his head like one of those funny nodding birds but I was past caring... I could feel the heat.'Tommeee...' I wailed and rammed hard into his gobbles as I felt my shaft harden preteens lsm and then the burning gush of my boy spunk shot up and into his maw. Once, twice and then the dribbles, I'd won. I'd done one more squirt than he had. I flopped back exhausted but feeling very pleased preteen nake art with myself.'Horny bastard,' he spluttered and then his lips were on mine. I opened my mouth and felt my own slime slide into my throat, the dirty prick had gazumped me. I'd given myself a blow job by proxy, I was drinking my own cum and his manic eyes grinned at me as he kept us glued together.'I'm gonna shag you so hard for that little stunt,' I grinned as we eventually parted.'Whoo...' he preteen video post giggled. 'Later ducky... let's get in the water and cool down.' We opened the windows wide and I sprayed some air freshener around my room, it stunk of boy sex, I quite liked the smell but preteen pics free I dunno what mum and dad might say, best not to put them to the test.We were dressed, him in trousers and me in shorts and both wearing shirts for supper or dinner as my mum didn't feel naked bodies were appropriate at the table. We also had Tommy's parents over which was a bit unusual but both sets of parents were going to their Club later leaving us in charge of the house, also the washing up and post meal cleanup. Fair enough, I would be along with my Tommy as I now considered him, my brand new boyfriend sex 8 preteenz and partner. I think we were both looking forward to consumating the deal to be crude. There was one final act and then we were truly an item and we didn't have too long to wait.'Oi, Oskar. I'm talking to you,' my dad looked at me with a frown.'Sorry dad,' I pulled myself back to the real world.'I was saying that Zevro had an offer you couldn't refuse.''More photographs,' I sniffed. Zevro was the guy who had contacts with this Russian naturist lot. He'd made the silly film of me mucking around with my old motot bike and we'd got paid for it. He'd made another one of Tommy, myself and another kid making mud pies and we'd got some money for that one as well. Anyway, that was Zevro and he was into photography index preteens pics preteen nudist jpg and preteen bikini video movies in a big way. I think he was queer as well but that was by the by, he was around twenty three or twenty four or so, just a young bloke.'Yeah,' my dad looked at myself and Tommy. kdz pic preteen 'He was offering a fortnight to three weeks on the road if you and Tommy are interested.''Yeah,' Tommy squeaked finally coming to life. 'Doing what on usenet preteen nonude the road?''Painting white lines,' his dad laughed. Not very funny but we all laughed anyway.'What does he mean by on the road, touring or what?''What?' My dad laughed. anal preteen fucking It seemed we were having a conversation with a pair of comics but I was interested. I know Zevro was a bit odd but he was generous and if he did try ramming a camera under your forskin or up your jackie every five minutes you just blanked that off. He clearly had a market for boy nudes and there was nothing illegal happening just basic naturist stuff even if it was in our back yard which was a garden before dad started on preteen child thumbnails it I might add. I think dad was trying to build a Theme Park but that's an ongoing source of hassle in our family. Tommy, myself and Robin our other pal loved it.'He wants to preteen forums imageboard drive across the Czech Republic heading for the Ukraine taking pictures all the way... so hot preteen sex you earn your keep. He has various contacts and you'll be meeting other boys and geneerally you should have a good time. It's all paid for and all you need is preteen petite links pocket money and he wants you to take your tent and sleeping bags.''That camper thing of his is a wreck,' I was really hooked on the idea but was looking for problems, the thing he drove around in wouldn't get us fifty kilometres from Regensburg let alone to the Czech border.'He's got a spanking new thing,' Tommy's dad got back in the act. We had a look at it today...''Beautiful,' my mother wasn't one for autos and if she liked it must have been good for her to speak out. 'Must have cost a fortune.''He's got backers,' my dad contributed. 'Well, Mutt and Jeff, are you interested in two or three weeks away from home or not?'I looked at Tommy and he was almost drooling at the thought. Two weeks plus out on the road in high summer, strutting our stuff and meeting some new faces. Two weeks away from the mums and dads, how could we not be interested? 'Yeah, sounds good.' I looked at Tommy and he smiled. I'd said the right thing.'Good,' my mum got back into the act, we'll get him around tomorrow and he can kiddy preteen bbs spell out his masterplan. 'The Republic is nice at this time of year and you'll meet some new friends, they all speak German as well.''They should do, we've invaded them enough times,' Tommy's dad reminded us. underage black preteens On that count they asian preteen girl should be pretty good at Russian as well I hot preteens toplist thought but no matter both Tommy and I could hack Russian to a degree, we took it at school Year Two as a matter of interest.After that it was all down to cleaning up whilst assorted mums and dads got prepared for their night out. They wouldn't be back until very late and then probably quite merry from partying, we'd just lock ourselves in and ignore them which was getting to be standard. We had other things to do and that statement is definitely followed by a dirty chuckleAt last they were gone and we were on our own, kings of the castle, masters of all we surveyed.'So what do you reckon?' I'd raided my cache and dug out a couple of CDs I'd secreted some months ago. I'd always been nervous about showing Tommy these things but we'd passed a certain point in the afternoon and the time was now ripe to coin another of these trite phrases. You'll note the video of the Jap kids was just laying around, even my mum had watched that one, this Russian stuff wasn't... enough said. The time was ripe and so were we, a good evening for watching some naked Russian boys and these boys weren't naturists that was for sure. They called them Russian Flowers but roses, tulips and the like didn't get a look in unless there were willy and bum flowers.'About Zervo naked cute preteens and his trip?''What else?''Sounds good... lots of people go to the Republic for holidays, it's supposed to be good. The Czechs are pretty laid back.''I heard they're all gay.''A load of bollocks,' I defended our neighbours. 'They say that about the Poles.''Well they are,' Tommy laughed. 'Come on, stop fiddling about with the CDs, put one on.''What do you want to see: Young Russian boys doing sex or young Japanese doing sex?''You're joking,' Tommy smiled hopefully.'I jest not,' I grinned and slid a disc into the machine and grabbed the remote. 'Settle back and enjoy... and learn.' I grabbed his thigh and squeezed, we were off, the night was upon us, the house was empty, blah, blah. Anyway, euro preteen illegal I've done all that bit.The CD was a compilation of Russian kids from around six or seven years ago according to the date marker on the camcorder as that's what these snippets were. Mainly teens and real down and dirty, no holds barred stuff. How much of the action was real and how much was simulated was another thing but certainly the sucking and kissing were real and euro pre preteen quite nudist preteen free enough to bring forth a couple of young German erections, namely one Oskar and one Tommy.Whoever had recorded the disc had done his best but the films generally were pretty poor, underlit and the kids were playing more than sexing if you follow but the thing progressed. The action got better and I knew the last two films were full on sex, Tommy didn't. He was getting excited all the same, it must be the sight of so many naked boys rolling around with stiffies. At least now he didn't have to cover up and preteen 100 be coy, we both knew what we were doing and were happy with it.'Gawd,' he massaged his very clear erection through the thin material of his longies he'd put on for supper. They were the bottom half of a imitation silk track suit and he looked good in it, he also felt good in it I decided as I reached out and felt him. I could feel the heat from his organ and I could feel the hardness. He made a purring noise like a little cat... so sweet. 'God, look at that!'I laughed. One of the better films whick lasted around fifteen minutes was starting and there were no simulations this time around. Two boys in bed, possibly fifteen or so. One wakes up and starts playing with the other followed by a blow and then some very detailed oiling up and fingering and then full scale penetrating sex in close up and for once well lit and perfectly watchable.'Oh, my Gawd,' Tommy continued to add commentary as he reached out and grasped me. 'Horny bastard,' he flashed me a grin as he felt my stiffness and I did the same for him, we closed the gap and his hand snaked in the top of my shorts grabbing my hot flesh. 'Look at that cock.'You couldn't miss it, the bigger Russian lad was well built for a kid and he was in the process of gently and quite romantically shagging the smaller boy and it was in wonderful closeup. You could actually see the smaller boy's ring wrapped around the bigger boy's cock as it moved in and out.Tommy stood up and quickly dropped his trousers and briefs and hopped back onto the sofa again snuggling up against me. Hint, hint, there I think. I held his now bare and extremely hot cock and slowly moved my hand up and down squeezing his foreskin over his bulging glans. ''Oh, look,' he exclaimed. The older boy was moving faster now and I knew the climax wasn't too far off. The climax came and went and Tommy snuggled in delving into my shorts and tending me whilst I looked after him.When you cum I don't want you pulling it out, like he did,' I whispered.'I won't,' he looked up at me. 'Betcha got some of that slippery tucked away somewhere.''Suntan lotion does as well, I've got some up in my room,' I croaked.'Take the disc out, we can watch it on your little laptop,' he suggested and he was right. The laptop was in my room and so was a nice big bed, I couldn't have been thinking straight but I didn't realise we'd be going for it so quickly but Tommy was hot and he was rampant, he wanted me and I wasn't going to deny him.'Come on,' I slipped from his embrace and slid the disc out as he tugged his trousers up and we were away.Once in the room I rigged the laptop on the bedside table so that we could both watch it as we lay there, the picture was small but good enough and we were too far gone to pink preteen video really care. We were going to do it and Tommy was going first. We hadn't discussed it but he was so hard and hot I had to let him have first go, that's what pals preteen cum shots are for.This time we hit the bed totally naked and the erections were at full stretch, he was actually precuming and as we lay there and watched the second segment which was two bigger boys on one smaller again with terrific pentration and closeups he snuggled up to my rear with his stiff meat pressing up between my cheeks. I pressed back against him, it was time and there was no going back.'Oskar...' he whined.'Do it, oil me up first,' I lay on my belly and opened my legs still watching the laptop out to the side.'Really?' His voice broke in a squeak.'Get on with it,' I giggled. The feeling was intense. I actually wanted his fat cock in me, I wasn't going to beg but I wasn't far off it, I wanted him so much and I sighed with relief when I felt his lips brush across my bottom and he kissed me. He parted my legs even more and I felt his finger at my back door, he applied sun tan oil and then he broached me. His finger slowly entered me and he made little stirring movements. He'd clearly watched the films closely and knew exactly what he was doing.'I'm so hard,' he whined again.'Take your time,' I warned him and pulled a pillow down under my middle elevating my bottom. I couldn't offer anymore, I couldn't make him service me. His finger slid free and I felt his smooth legs preteen art nylon inside mine and then the first glance of his slippery and hot flesh gliding up my crack from bottom to top. 'Take it easy, Tom.'I kept my eyes firmly fixed on the screen watching a thick Russian boy's cock spearing in and out of a widely distended pucker when I felt Tommy's knob slide between my cheeks usenet preteen nudes and rest against my ring. I tried to relax and felt his hot breath on the back of my neck and then the pressure... then the stretching, a brief pain and then the glorious feeling of being filled. It's hard to decribe, it was so outside anything in my experience. It was just a feeling that something alien was in me and now forcing it's way deeper and much to my delight I felt bloated but it didn't hurt and that was the best thing of all. 'You alright,' Tommy croaked in my ear and I felt his lips on my neck.'Yeah,' I moaned and pushed up onto him. 'All the way, lover boy.' What a tarty thing to say but I was preteen defloration photos in the mood so sod you.'Hee hee,' he nuzzled at my neck and started to move his hips gaining ground at every down stroke until I felt his whispy pubics pressing against my bottom and his smooth belly pressed against the small of my back. He was in and it felt like a warm, fleshy log in my belly, the funny thing was it felt nice. I've always been close to Tommy but you can't get any closer to a friend that having them in you or the other way around. I squeezed on him and he gave a shuddering moan. 'Oskar, you fuckin' beauty.' OK, so he was a bit short on charm but that was my Tom.'Fuck me,' I growled and pushed up harder this time and he did.He put his hands flat on the bed either side of me and started to slip in and out digging harder and faster all the while and I pushed back onto him. the sound of sweaty flesh slapping together filled the room and I thanked God the parents were out. We were making enough noise to wake the street but dear Tommy wasn't going to last, he was preteens in bikinies too horny and worked up.'Aaaah,' he gasped and made one almighty thrust nearly collapsing the bed and then thrust in hard and deep and stayed in. I felt his thick cock seem to swell and then throb. Well, it was more like preteen rape a pulse than a throb but I felt his hot juice spurt into me and he did well. He must have done three or four squirts and that wasn't bad for a little lad, I felt his gooey mess inside me all squishy and horrible and pushed back cementing myself to him with his hot spunk covered weapon lodged in my gut. It was wonderful and I could have done it all again right there and then but I don't think my little lover would have survived.'Grab some tissues, I think I'm gonna leak,' I groaned.'Sorry, sorry,' he babbled.'Nothing to be sorry about,' fotos preteen models I laughed and preteen g rolled taking us onto our sides. 'We gotta do that again.''Really?' His squeak was back.'Many times, Tommy my love.' There you go, I'd said it.'Great,' Tommy pressed in forgetting completely about the tissues, he stirred his softening cock in his own mess and preteen topless picture tried to kiss me as I attempted to crane my head around, we finally managed a sloppy kiss as he finally slipped free leaving me oozing and battered. 'You're leaking,' he giggled ramming a wadge of tissue into my crack.'Animal,' I preteen crotch pictures lay there clamping my buttocks on the temporary fallout and gazed at pre teen twats him as he grinned at me and dropped his head onto me taking my dribbling cock into his mouth. 'You ain't getting off that easy, Tommy.''I know,' he looked up and laughed. 'Do a full frontal like that last kid, I wanna watch you perform.' Jeeez, he made me sound like a sea lion preteen nude denmark but I liked it, the thought of plundering his sweet body as he lay there pinned under me and helpless was a bit of a turn on. illigal preteens incest Anyway, the logic was that you had to get better penetration that way, dunno if he'd worked it out or not but if childsex pedo preteen that's what he wanted, that's what he'd get.'Back in a minute.' I told him and did a runner. I wanted him so much but not with his cum dripping from my hole, there is such a thing as decorum after all even in Bavaria we have out standards. It didn't take long and you don't want to hear it so I won't tell you how I disposed of his tadpoles in a minute, had a quick flush out on the bidet and galloped back and still with a king sized stiffy leading the way. He was ready, he was leading the way and he'd restarted the CD in case I needed any tips... no way, I knew exactly what I wanted.I pushed him over onto his back and knelt between his legs, a kiss for starters and a nice long one with the tongue action just to get the ball rolling.He smiled up at me and as I kissed down his chest onto his flatly muscled belly his cock jerked back to fully hard but no time for that now. I put my hands under his smooth thighs and lifted his legs which he bent back fully exposing his dark skinned pucker and I dived on it. If the Russian boys could lick out or eat their little pals it was the least I could do for my Tommy, anyway, he'd been in the water all day so he was nice and clean if a bit sweaty.'Aaaah, you perv,' hot preteen angels he giggled and held my head as I lapped and licked american preteen pussy at his tiny pucker feeling the ring yield a bit and he got near hysterical as I tickled dead centre with the tip of my tongue. Before he knew what was happening I had a finger in him delving deep and stroking the lump just inside, his prostate, his little love lump as someone had called it. I smirked up his belly, he was fully hard again and his cock twirched on his stomach as I fingered him and munched on his hairless scrotum.'Do me, do me,' Osk he begged. He knew I hated being called Osk but he'd obviously lost it, his little exclusve preteens com boy fanny was clamping and squeezing on my finger as I moved in and out, he was ready but just one more thing. I glopped some of the sun tan lotion on my fingers and fed preteen bare naturalist two into tiny petite preteens his fantastically tight little back door and he groaned and I noticed his jerking cock beginning to smear up again and a bubble of precum forming at the slit. My Tommy was a sex machine but this time he was the bottom and I was going to give him my best shot. I slowly and carefully withdrew my fingers, positioned myself and thrust my achingly hard cock preteen spanking art through his well lubed sphincter.'Aw, Jesus, Tommy,' I moaned as I felt his heat and his tightness grip me for the very first time. It was incredible, soooo tight, so clinging and so abso-bloody-lutely Tommy. I'd been thinking about this moment all afternon and I wasn't disappointed as he accepted me with nude mpegspreteen wide open mouth and begging eyes. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him, a match made in heaven.'Oskar,' he placed his legs on my back and wrapped his arms around my chest bring me almost belly to belly. 'Nice and slow, let me feel it.'I did as he asked but the slow and romantic finished up as a hard and fast, he was wonderful and perversely I just wanted to hammer the smile off his face but I had no chance, the faster and harder I shagged the more he grinned and now the little preteen model furum beast was wanking himself as I fucked. When I came it was the experience of my young lifetime, I rammed in deep and hard and cushioned in his soft but tight body gave him my all. As I moved to and fro in his delicious heat voiding and pumping my red hot juice he furiously wanked and a long splat of his pearly cum shot up his belly almost reaching his throat. I just moved in harder screwing myself into his gut pumping my boy juice and filling him as underwear preteen boy he'd done to me. Virgins mature preteen fuck no more, I collapsed onto him and our sweaty and spunk covered chests stuck together as we furiously kissed. It was over for the moment but it was done. Thirteen years preteen index old and we were lovers and things could only get better, we had a long hot summer ahead of us.'Happy?' He clamped his bottom and expelled me still with his legs binding me in tightly.'Over the moon,' I spoke in English and grinned. We'd picked that preteen fantasy sex one up at school and it was one of our favourite expressions and it was so true. 'Over the moon, Tommy.' The End I may use Oskar and Tommy with Pavlo and Symon in another story if I can figure a way for the two pairs to
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